Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The highlight of Jonah's week - Weeplay class 

Last week we spent an entire day running errands and when we got home Jonah was so ecstatic to be out of a car seat or stroller that he moved like nobody's business.  I taught him my brother's famous song he wrote when he was about four: "We're back we're back we're back from the mall."  You had to have been at the original live performance to get the full sheer GLEE with which it is to be sung.

And he finally made it to the DVDs

Jonah knows when his picture is being taken and usually poses (see above ham-ness).  In this pic (see below ham-ness) I told him this one was for Papa and he held this pose forEVER until I finally snapped the pic.  He likes looking at his videos and pics right after and he was verrrrry pleased with this one.  Ham I tell you.  All out HAM. 

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