Sunday, March 30, 2014

7 months

Little Baby JoJo was 7 months old on Friday.  

He is an absolute joy.

Even though it's for sure he'll never take a nap longer than 30 minutes.

(That's totally OK - he sleeps almost 12 hours straight EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.  LOVE this kid.)

He is talking more and more.  I've been speaking a lot less French.  We simply seem to be around people a lot lately and so Jo's not hearing it much.  A lot of his sounds are distinctly English.  Sometimes it sounds like he's saying his vowels!  When he's telling a story it's all "deh deh deh deh," and when he tries to say "Papa," he sticks his tongue out and uses it like he should his bottom lip for the "p" sound.  You tell me that's not genius!  

Oh.  It's not?  Oh ok.

Jonah loves bathtime at night.  Papa bathes him and they have this whole ritual.  I remember being a little wary of handing over the controls of bathtime, but heavens.  I could never have created the nightly extravaganza that is the bath in this house.  It's so awesome.

Jonah weighs a whopping 21.2 pounds and I'm pretty sure I'm getting carpal tunnel in my wrist from the way I wrench it to support his leg while I carry him on my right hip.  He is a hoss!!  Before a meal he nurses and then still eats between 3-4 jars of baby food.  His favorite veggies are squash and vegetable pasta.  He loves all fruits but his favorites are mango, strawberry, and apricot.  He hates anything with rice, and don't even ask about peas.  Peas are just wrong to Jonah.  

He is a happy, happy boy and loves being around people, and particularly loves going places and being around people with both his parents.  He's always up for an adventure with Mama and Papa.  It makes it so great because errands and restaurants are really easy!!

This weekend was full of adventure.  We got to see Uncle Greg and Greg Abbott, and Jonah went to his first time in the church nursery!!  (He did great until other parents were picking up their kids at the end and we weren't there yet.)

(He was a little bit upset with us after church.  But Papa has been one of the teachers in our Sunday school class and it was so nice for me to be able to pay full attention.  We both missed our Jo though!)

We're in love.  I'm completely aware we are total saps at this point.  The little big man has us wrapped around his chubby little fingers (along with the chunks of my hair he's constantly ripping out).

I came home from a baby shower this afternoon and found that Papa had cleaned the house, and organized the shoes by the door.  This is what I saw and I will cherish it forever:

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