Friday, August 30, 2013


Baby Jonah had to be taken away from us to spend time in the transition NICU until he was 6 hours old.  Daddy stayed with him the entire time and made sure he was touched and squeezed and talked to and loved.  For someone who's been saying he doesn't know what to do with a baby, I've been pretty darn impressed.  He's been nothing but the sweetest daddy to the sweetest baby. 

Baby had several small red flags that together caused some concern.  One by one we are checking them off and passing the tests.  The first was breathing.  Jonah had that under control about 15 minutes into his NICU stay.  He has strong lungs, just had a lot of fluid.  Then he had to show us his blood wasn't infected and just in case it was he's been on rounds on antibiotics.  Here's Daddy holding him during a round:

Luckily everything is done in our room now, but it also means we get no sleep and have something on the schedule non stop. Since we got up at 4:00 am on Wednesday I've had a total of about 2 hours sleep in 20 minute spurts.  I feel like I should be making a really huge salary or running a large country for this sort of workload, ha!  I guess making a human is bigger than either.

The other test we worked to pass (and did) was a high count for jaundice.  Baby got this under control too and was cleared.

Of course baby has all the regular mile markers newborns need to pass as well, and Nonni was especially proud baby passed his hearing test with flying colors! He was showing off for her. :-)

We have made enough progress now we get to go home today instead of tomorrow!!  We are thrilled and anxious to get there. A big step was getting the IV out of Jonah's hand.  It's finally gone!  We're on our way!!

Jonah is such a calm and sweet baby.  He just started letting out some big cries today and they rattle his mama pretty well.  So while mom and baby cry together dad calms us down.  It's a pretty good little team we've got going.  Howard and the cry babies.  We should be a band.

Thanks for your excitement and prayers.

Hillary of Howard and the Cry Babies

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