Friday, August 9, 2013


There are two different types of comfort I'd like to chat about.  Today I'll talk about the first.  It's a charming little town in the Texas hill country called Comfort!
Howard and I decided to take a trip out here one afternoon this week as a little mid-day date.
It was so fun!  It was hot (really really hot) and I was tired, but I forced myself to go because I'm savoring these last few moments of just Howard and me.   (Though he reminds me it hasn't been just the two of us for a while now...that's true.  This little Kidlet has already made his presence widely known and requiring of life adjustments...namely an increased food budget and lack of sleep.)
Isn't it just adorable?
I thought this was a great name for a restaurant - the Plaid Goat.
This was super depressing.  Elmer's glue, Crayola crayons, Fiskars scissors, and Rose Art pencils in an ANTIQUE store?  Really?  I'm not even 30 yet.
We stopped at this cute little corner place for some cold drinks.
I was brave and ordered a Cactus Pear soda.  It was pretty good!  It had a fruity flavor and a weird sweet aftertaste.
It was the perfect spot to take a load off (I carry a big one) and sit in the shade with misters and sunshine peeking through.
Then sitting time was over when I saw this sign across the street.
It was at a neat little shop called Miss Giddy's.
They had the most awesome handbag there - the Mighty Purse!  Have you heard of this?  It charges your phone during the day while you're out and about!!  Love it!
This was my view for a little bit while I sat on some porch rockers and waited for my patient husband to go get the car.  When I'm done I'm done.
Before we headed back home we drove around to look at houses.  We're not in the market, but simply love pretending we are. : )  I liked this one.  A lot.  Which according to our "Hillary's likes conversion chart" meant it was approximately $600K.  We looked it up.  It was $600K.  That chart is very accurate.

See you back soon for the next kind of comfort! : )

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