Sunday, September 27, 2015

Thank You Notes

Thank you, South Texas, for forcing me to spend money to make it Autumn. 

Thank you, random coloring pages given to us by some man at the Farmer's Market dressed in green and leaves and twigs for being in my car when the candy store said they didn't have any tissue paper and I know they did.

P.S. Thank you, self, for not cleaning out the car.

Thank you, Oma and Opa, for watching Jonah so I could go out with a man named Howard.  We had a nice time.  I think we'll go out sometime again.

Thank you, Jonah, for being on a COMPLETELY different diet than I am.

Really, it's so fun to drink a protein shake and plea bargain with you to eat one bite of anything breaded, cheesed, buttered, and sugared.

Thank you, Jonah, for saying, "Home" instead of "um," and "OK" like an adult, but in really odd places in the conversation.

Thank you, Jesus, for friends.

Thank you, Howard, for teaching Sunday School and allowing me to learn so much from you.  Today your lesson made me realize that while we often try to remind ourselves that suffering will work out in the end, we can also take a step back and realize that God didn't have to include us in this story at all.  So the fact that we're in the middle of it means we're in it.  That in and of itself may not be immediately fun, but is a profound blessing.

Thank you, Nonna and Bearpaw for these precious boots that were made for walkin to church (well, to the car that drove us to church and then the walk from the car to the building).

Thank you, Lord, for our jobs, our town, our family, our friends, Jonah's teachers, 
and Fall (or the opportunity to copy your Northeastern work).

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