Saturday, February 6, 2016

What I Read: December / January Edition

Wow!  It's been months since I've written a blog post!  Now that the holidays are over and my students have finished their writing process, I have once again returned to devouring books.  I read so much faster and so much more often on my Kindle.  Why is that?  I truly would love to solve that mystery, but in the meantime I'll simply keep enjoying my escapes into so many fascinating lives and the truths we can learn about our Creator when we learn about His created.

So that I can look back and remember what I've read and so that you can hopefully glean something for your reading list, here's what I read in December and January.  So much credit is owed to the blog and podcast by "Modern Mrs. Darcy."  She has truly kept my to-read list long and stacked with wonderfully engaging tales tailored just to my liking.  It's hard not to read when you can't put a book down!

This was incredibly fun and fruitful and has sent me on a quest to have a clutter-free home.  Surprise bonus: insight into a Japanese woman's life and stuff and day.  Turns out we're not that different after all. Loved that cherry on top.

Nothing here was new, but it was a refreshing read nonetheless.  Sometimes it simply helps to hear someone else validate ways to keep the plates spinning.

I recently discovered my love for the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator.  The analysis I've gleaned from pamphlet-sized books like this one and podcasts like "The Personality Hacker" have been invaluable to me and truly answered prayer to aid me in growing and learning through challenges.


Wow.  What an enthralling biography!  I cannot say enough about this book!  Whatever your views on Johnson, this is well worth the read.  Goodwin is a gifted biographer and was the guiding source for the film, "Lincoln."  This was simply so so interesting.  I LOVE when reality collides with an engaging story!

This was short and sweet and cute.  

This was fun.  I would tell you how I learned to tame my fly-aways in my hair-do now, but on second thought that doesn't seem poised enough.  You'll have to read for yourself, my dear.

The class I teach motivated me to buy this as I thought I could glean some great tips to pass along to my students.  Not only did I do that, but I also found some wonderfully applicable ways to improve my own teaching and course design as well.  It was quick and beneficial!  

And we can't forget this one:
"Dragons Love Tacos," by Adam Rubin.  Paired with tacos for dinner, of course.

Stay tuned for more reading updates!  This was fun!

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